The Future of
Soft Skills

October 12th (5pm) 

HotSpot Workhub

About the course

We run from one fire to another, from one customer request to another, we push ourselves “just a bit more”, we ignore our stomach aches, vertigos, migraines, anxieties, we struggle with our perfectionism.  We buy interesting self-development books that we will read “when we will have time”, we bookmark interesting podcasts from which we listened the first 3-4 minutes to listen “later”, but somehow things remain the same. Sounds familiar?

Many of us are doing it, because this way of working got us where we are today. But will it suit us for the years to come?

Please join me on 12th October 5 pm in discovering how can we improve our soft skills at our own pace and in our own way, using recipes only as guidelines and tools to help us along the way

Where, when?

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Do you want more details?

Do you want
more details?