Mastering the Now
of Work

Launch March 15

About the course

Regardless of the preferred work model, remote, physical presence or hybrid, the problems and challenges are the same. And for the most part they are not new problems, but have been exacerbated by the context of the last 2 years. Too many and too-long meeting, the lack of communication or conversely, hyper-communication, the balance or rather the imbalance of work life, the feeling of (not) belonging to a group. We all often want to be seen and heard. Contrasting with the black and often silent squares on the screen, right?

For some of these issues various strategies have been found, which in some cases have worked, in some not, and for others the discussions are just beginning.

I have created a program designed especially for companies to address these challenges, in some cases offering various support strategies, in some only starting and accommodating discussions in which we all feel seen and heard, because there are no universal solutions, only the individual solutions that work for each of us.

This program contains a combination of webinars, 1-hour classes for up to 8 people on a few topics of interest, and 1: 1 counseling sessions for people who feel they need customized solutions and discussions.

*Due to the interactive content, classes are limited to a maximum of 8 people.

* Workshops are held online on the Zoom platform or on request at the client’s premises in compliance with the health regulations in force.

Course program

Webinar (1 hour) – The Now Of Work  – how to make it a success for everyone

1 hour classes – Unconscious biases and the way we shape our lives;

Strategies for efficient remote / hybrid work meetings;

– Challenges related to communication – feedback, conflict management;

– Management of hyper-collaboration / communication in remote / hybrid mode;

– Team leadership and performance evaluation in the current way of working (for managers) – 2 hours.

1:1 counseling sessions

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