Real Workshops for Busy People

Leadership, personal development and mental health programs adapted to your needs and challenges in everyday life.

Listen to THEORY, accept your EMOTIONS, put in PRACTICE, allow me to GUIDE you.

How so?

Whether it's time management, communication, leadership, anxiety, addiction or even parenting, any change actually starts with ourselves.

We often have the impression that if we had that “silver bullet”, that perfect recipe, our life would be much better. We read self-development books, we look for techniques, steps, inspiration from other people who, apparently, have a perfect balance in their lives. Why doesn’t it work in our case? 

Yes, theory helps and we all need landmarks, but practice also helps and what helps the most is …. our connection with ourselves, because often the loss of this connection is the cause of many of the inconveniences we feel. And this connection, this exercise of self-awareness begins with the identification and later acceptance of the emotions we feel, emotions that we have learned over the years to hide from everyone, including us.

Our personal emotions are the foundation of our own direction in life. The rest are just landmarks to guide us. I strongly believe that there is no silver bullet or the perfect recipe, only the recipe adapted to your needs at that time, what works for others may not be right for you.

Why would we need a guide?

Because as simple as it may seem, this reconnection journey is one of the hardest, especially because many times the road has not been beaten for a very long time.

Here is where I come into picture, putting at your service my almost 20 years of business experience in positions ranging from programmer to site lead, but also the experience of psychotherapist, combined in an eclectic mix close to your needs. You can choose to take from what I share what you want: more theory, practice or landmarks for connecting with your own emotions, which I invite you to (re) discover, at your own pace.

The feedback I receive from my workshops confirms that I am on the right track in this “mission” of guidance. I treat you equally, but differently. I warmly and enthusiastically show you the relevant baggage of accumulated knowledge. I respect you and know that you are a human being, before being a manager, parent or other role that you might play in your professional or personal life . We will openly discuss anxieties, fears, addictions, guilt, burnout, boundaries, self-esteem, perfectionism, the challenges of leadership and more, which are no longer taboo, but a recognition of our adaptation mechanisms and our never ending quest to be better.

Proud of my feedback.

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Do you want
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