My name is Anne

I am HUMAN, mother, wife, friend, daughter, entrepreneur, trainer, psychotherapist, mentor and new ex-corporate.

I’m here to help you get where you want to go or find out where you want to go. And if I succeed, I believe that my mission is fulfilled.

I am an organizational psychologist, currently training in cognitive-behavioral therapy, with specializations in psycho-nutrition, anxiety and depression and systemic therapy (couple, children and adolescent). I have almost 20 years of experience in the business environment in positions varying through most of the management spectrum, but also the operational one.

I recruited and raised teams, I had my fair share of company politics, I handled budgets, I delivered projects with teams from Romania and abroad, I reinvented myself professionally many times, but if I were to call the one thread that runs through all my experiences, this would be working with people and the pleasure of sharing  my experience and knowledge.

In his book, “From Good to Great,” James Collins said, ” When you manage to find a common ground between what you are passionate about, what you excel at, and what benefits you, not only does your work get better, but so does your life. ” . I think this is where I found this core, a place where I can help and teach others, learning from them in return. A place where everyone can grow and help others grow.n

Why me?

If I were to name one thing I do dearly and tirelessly, it is to help people see all sides of a problem, taking into account both the rational and the emotional.

I do this using my combined theoretical experience from business years, various personal experiences, knowledge in various fields ranging from leadership and time management to art and cooking, all related to my skills as a psychologist and who I am as a HUMAN. 

But especially, in addition to passion, experience and theory, I bring with me the practice in the trenches, where I saw what it is like to want and receive validation, but also what it is like to meet your fears and limits, things I have found out later that they are called overcompensation, anxiety, burnout, imposter syndrome, savior trap, illusion of control and the list goes on.

What topics can we address?


The list of courses is rich, ranging from programs such as Build Better Leaders (modules I and II) to workshops on topics such as Feedback, Performance Management, Anti-Perfectionism Course.

Personal Development

Build Better Teams and a various list of workshops on topics such as Feedback, Conflict Management, Time Management, Imposter Syndrome.

Mental Wellness, Coaching
and Therapy

1 on 1 discussions, mental health programs completely customized and adapted to your or your team's needs, workshops on current topics such as Addictions, Burnout, Anxiety, Depression.

It all starts with you.


Do you want more details?

Do you want
more details?